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Semrush vs Ahrefs: Which SEO Tool is Better in 2022?
But heres the thing: Semrush offers you an exclusive tool for backlink analysis whereas Ahrefs doesnt have an exclusive backlink research tool as it comes in-built with their Site Explorer. Between Semrush And Ahrefs: Which Is Better for Competitor Research?
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The only difference is that instead of inserting your domain into Ahrefs, you should insert the URL of the page whose backlinks you want to audit. However, if you want to quickly audit your link profile, there are several fantastic backlink audit tools available that achieve great results. Majestic Free Paid. SEMRush Backlink Audit Tool Free Paid. Link Research Tools Paid. Previous topic The SUSO Method: Outreach Checklist. Next topic Quiz. The Fundamentals of Link Building 2. The SUSO Method: Guest Posting 4. The SUSO Method: Outreach Checklist 5. The SUSO Method: Backlink Profile Analysis Audit 6. Previous topic The SUSO Method: Outreach Checklist. Next topic Quiz. SUSO SEO Textbook 2022. Follow us on. UK 44 208 0599 958. US 1 9478889997. Westworks 195 Wood Lane. Stay in Touch. Please note that on our website we use cookies to enhance your experience, and for analytics purposes.
Ahrefs vs Majestic SEO vs Open Site Explorer: Which SEO Link Analysis Tool is Best?
Majestic SEO results. Today I crawled most of Majestic SEO data for searcheningeland.com.: Majestic reported in site explorer.: After filtering alt text, mentioned, deleted.: After taking unique urls.: 823,418, urls sceduled for crawl unique. 719,854, urls crawled I stopped crawl before finished to avoid to many request at same IP/domain. 247,032, urls found 30x and sceduled for crawl unique. 188,354, urls crawled found 30x I stopped crawl before finished to avoid to many request at same IP/domain. 908,208, urls crawled total 719,854, 188,354., Live without status 30x urls.: Live with status 30x urls.: 823,418/908,208, urls - 61.95%/56.17 live. 37,490, domains - 83.09 live. 24,650, ips - 88.53 live. 15,335, subnets - 89.98 live. Without finishing crawling 162,242, urls I get already higher live urls then this test result when I included 30x redirect. I operate a private backlink db simulair size as Ayima V2, in most compares I did between backlink tools, Majestic SEO has most unique domains. Be not fooled by Ahrefs showing hostname counts as domain counts and Seomoz has much more backlinks as your test show, but maybe they limit their API.
Ahrefs Review: Can This Keyword Research Tool Help Your Business?
Backlinks from high authority sites will carry more weight than lower authority sites, which means that Google then increases the trust factor as the number of high authority sites linking increases. We talk more about this in the section on how this can help your website. What does the Backlink Checker do? The backlink checker is going to provide a ton of information. You can literally check the backlink profile of just about any site. Weve stuck with Ahrefs as our example to highlight what you can see. The top section of the profile allows you to sort between how many links you want to see from a single domain. Given that one domain may include multiple links, it can condense or expand the data thats on offer. You can also flick between new and lost backlinks, as well as set a timeline for what was live and when. In this example, you can see that Ahrefs has a backlink from Videoder, which is a downloader tool for YouTube videos.
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The overview is comprehensive and lists each of your tracked sites in one line allowing you to click through for more detailed reports. The Site Explorer is where the Ahrefs backlink checker sits. Ahrefs is known and respected for its backlinks crawl and extensive index.
Ahrefs Pricing, Cost Reviews - Capterra UK 2022.
1 Marketing Platform For SMB's! Create a Free Account. View Profile See Comparison. The all-in-one online marketing tool that bundles almost all data, makes it evaluable automates many activities. View Profile See Comparison. Cloud-based platform for SEO and online marketing professionals Learn more about SE Ranking. Visit Website See Comparison. Yext organizes a business's' facts so it can provide direct answers to consumer questions - wherever people search. View Profile See Comparison. AgencyAnalytics is the 1 no-code reporting platform for marketers. Save time on reporting with insightful reports live dashboards. Learn more about AgencyAnalytics. Visit Website See Comparison. Marketing Miner is an SEO tool for data-driven marketers. User-friendly interface and bulk data analysis features to save your time. View Profile See Comparison. Rio SEO is the leading local marketing platform provider for enterprise brands, agencies, and retailers. View Profile See Comparison. HubSpot Marketing Hub. Over 100,000, customers in more than 120 countries use HubSpot's' award-winning software to attract, engage and delight their customers. Learn more about HubSpot Marketing Hub. Visit Website See Comparison. All-in-One platform for SEO/PPC: Advance Rank Tracking, Site Audit, Keyword/Competitor Analytics, Backlink Analysis, Keyword Clustering Learn more about Serpstat.
Competitor Backlink Analysis: Decoding the Powerful Strategy.
Choose a backlink audit tool like Semrush or Ahrefs. Enter the target URL. Analyze the details related to the backlinks. How do you analyze SEO competitors? Here are the ways through which you can conduct competitor analysis.: Check their keyword rankings. Conduct competitor backlink analysis. Take a look at their paid ad campaigns. Analyze their brand mentions. Find their page loading speed. What is backlink analytics? Backlink analytics is the process through which you analyze a particular websites backlinks to understand its performance and link sources. Typically, backlink analysis is conducted to figure out where you stand. Similarly, competitor backlink analysis is done to get a snapshot of your competitors link-building strategy and find new linking opportunities. How do I find my competitors backlinks? Here are some ways through which you can find your competitors backlinks.: Select a competitor audit tool.
How to Use Ahrefs Backlinks Checker for Link Building - Startup Voyager Content and SEO Agency.
This report tells us that sites like Healthline, WebMD, and Diet Doctor compete for the same organic keywords as our hypothetical weight loss business. Use Ahrefs Competing Domains report to Find Websites with Overlapping Keywords. Who is this method for? Since the Competing Domains report identifies websites with overlapping or common keywords, you need to have a site thats already ranking for some keywords. To get started, simply enter your domain into Ahrefs Site Explorer and hit the Competing Domains report. For example, we added Diet Doctors domain to Site Explorer. Next, we hit the Competing Domains report in the left sidebar, and this is what we found.: The list of websites in the Competing domains column rank in the top 10 for some of the same keywords as dietdoctor.com the ones at the top have more overlap. Now we have even more competitors we can add to our list like.: Back to Contents. Step 2: Find Link-Building Prospects. Ahrefs Site Explorer can also help you find and build backlinks; however, it depends on your websites stage and goals.: I want to create new content to attract links. I want to build backlinks for an existing page.
Ahrefs Reports Dashboards for Digital Agencies I Whatagraph Whatagraph.
Conduct your backlink analysis, construct your link building strategy with data from Ahrefs backlink checker and put everything into comprehensive backlink reports. View results from Ahrefs keyword explorer for your organic keywords. Get an in-depth look at the backlink profile and search traffic of any website or URL. Import all Ahrefs data into Whatagraph directly and view results in a single dashboard. Build Your Own Ahrefs Dashboard With Ease. Whatagraph lets you build all reports and dashboards using a drag&drop widget system. A good place to start is using a free Ahrefs template as a basis.
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It costs you a monthly fee, thats pretty high. If you make use of it properly, itll pay you back. Created with Sketch. If you run into any issues using the tool, their support system is great and answers quickly. Pricing starts at $99/mo. Affiliate disclosure: In full transparency - some of the links on this website are affiliate links, if you use them to make a purchase we will earn a commission at no additional cost for you none whatsoever. Will this be a problem? This is how we manage to create free content for you.Please know that your trust is so important for us. If we recommend anything, it is always because we believe it is worth exploring. And, buy me a coffee. Ahrefs is the best competitor research and SEO tool you can get right now. It has the biggest backlink index than any other tool.

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